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    Jinro soju is known by the brand name Chamisul (참이슬), which is the world's most popular liquor. Part of their marketing strategy is to use temperature sensitive paper on their bottle label. A tab in the shape of an Asiatic Toad (the company's mascot) is white when the bottle is warm and becomes blue when the bottle is cold, indicating that the soju is ready to drink.

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    Good Day


    Good Day Soju is made with waters from Masan area, known for its quality since the Goryeo Dynasty. Then, filtered 10 times and actively infused with oxygen for 72 hours. This unique manufacturing process creates a very smooth and clean-tasting spirit.

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    The beer became notable after an endorsement by British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who described it as "not pretentious", "easy" and "fresh"; citing it as his preferred beverage with Korean dishes since acquiring a taste for the cuisine 15 years ago.

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    Our sojus are MORE THAN A soju. Because our soju was a local brand soju from Indonesia.

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